Imitated-Porcelain Soccer Boy

Stoneware with underglaze and clear glaze

Beginning in the Song Dynasty, porcelain was regularly exported to Europe from China. The most famous influence from this era as we know it today was the blue and white porcelain. During this time, the real porcelain wares from China were highly desirable and prized in the West, being at equitable value as silver and gold; starting in the 16th century and early 17th century, imitations of this aesthetic and technique started to become prominent in order to make them affordable to the general consumers; these wares were replaced with cheaper materials. In Delft, Netherlands for example, these imitations were made out of earthenwares rather than porcelain, and in Iran, they were made out of stonepaste. To make them look like real porcelain, these “fakes” were painted over with blue and white glazes. Soon, these reproductions became ubiquitous.

Today, as a gay immigrant from Taiwan, and being “Eastern” as I am, I see the twisted desires in myself and many others in the gay community. The desire for the “highly prized” man who is cis-gender, masculine, muscular, white, and athletic. Brainwashed and persuaded by the media around the world, to the point of no return. Here I am, turned into an earthenware by the community, trying to become a porcelain once more.


Big Head

Stoneware with glaze and acrylic

Pinch Bowls

Stoneware with oxide and clear glaze